Temper Tacos

I increased my dosage of Cipralex to 20 mgs daily. The side effects plagued me for a good month. Some days it was hard to tell where the depression ended and where the side effects began. So many new things and feelings were cropping up.

After being off work for a week, I noticed that my appetite was slowly tapering off and that I could only eat small portions at once. After complaining about it to my husband, he made me tacos. Tacos are life. It’s our fail safe, go-to, dependable, and most favorite meal in the whole world. I could eat six in a sitting, but I try to keep it at four. You know- sharing and all.

Well, I got half-way through my first taco and realized I couldn’t stomach another bite. I immediately burst into tears. I felt sorry for myself. In a world where I had seemingly lost everything, this was the one thing I could still do well. And now my depression and my crazy pills have taken that away too.

My husband looked at me and said, “Take it one taco at a time, babe.”




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4 thoughts on “Temper Tacos

  1. Sage advice šŸ˜‰

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  2. This is so bittersweet. It’s one of the hardest things to explain about depression, the pain of it taking away simple

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    1. Yes! That’s exactly it. Losing my appetite doesn’t seem so terrible in the grand scheme of things, but depression had already taken so much away from me. Thank you so much for your comment.

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  3. *simplest pleasures. One taco at a time xx

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