If my brain was a cartoon character

One morning after having my cup of steamy orange pekoe tea (two milk, one sugar), I had a minor panic attack, probably spurred on by the caffeine and/or sugar. In that moment, I became genuinely and irrationally pissed off at my brain. I had already given up one of my favorite vices, WINE, because I found that one glass would put me in a dark mood for days. And now my brain wasn’t responding well to tea? What else was I going to have to give up?! If I drink wine I’ll feel too low, if I drink tea I’ll have a panic attack. Cue the self-pity!!

So… picture me in my stale sweat pants yelling at my brain…

‘Brain, you high-maintenance, sensitive, dramatic PRINCESS, you ruin EVERYTHING!’ Yes, that seriously happened. And then I found myself characterizing my brain. I pictured a cartoon brain on crutches (as referenced in Teaching my brain how to walk again), and she was wearing a tiara. I named her Princess Patrice (I’m looking at you How I Met your Mother fans). Picturing my brain as this silly cartoon character provided me with some comic relief when I most needed it.

robin tumblr_m4mqa6Ije01rwid1qo1_500



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