Perfection doesn’t live here anymore

cropped-dsc_7949.jpgThe promise I make to myself is this – perfection has no home in this place. You are getting my messy and imperfect first draft, or my ‘SFD’ (Shitty First Draft) as Brene Brown would say. She’s on my team. I have a team. If you decide to stick around long enough I’ll tell you all about my team. I hope you have one too.

I give myself permission to be real and raw regardless of how it’s received. And I give you permission to be messy and flawed here in this place with me.

My intention is to shed light on the darkness that I feel, and the darkness I know that many others experience. I’ll be the light, the love and the strength. This place will be sad and hopeful, there will be tears, and if I’m doing this right- there will be laughter too.
My invitation to you is to share. If something I say resonates with you in any way at all, or triggers some kind of feeling I would love to hear about it. Leave a comment or private message me.

My purpose here is to start an open and honest conversation about depression, anxiety, and mental health. I used to see my depression as a dirty little secret I had to keep to myself. I used to see it as this uncomfortable and awkward weakness or disease that prevented me from being whole. When I take a step back to take in the bigger picture I also see it as a source of profound strength. Every time I crawl out of that dark and empty space I come out stronger. And I come out every damn time.

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2 thoughts on “Perfection doesn’t live here anymore

  1. I Love it! Real. Raw. Beautiful. Just like you!! Can’t wait for the next one! xoxo Lisa


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